Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Festival After Dark (FAD) VIP coverage melts faces at the opening party!


  1. Your festival after dark show is priceless darling! It gets better better every year! I love your shenanigans... and I look forward to seeing more... thanks again.
    Andrew Everett/Actor

  2. I've been watching you on TV. You with that bodacious blonde at the Stella Artois patio. I got frustrated that you guys never seem to drink from the actual frothy glasses you held by the fistful. Still, you made me believe that Regis and Kelly will live on. Take Shelter is the best film at Sundance 2011. Overall: 9.2
    The Bumbys/ A fair & Honest Appraisal of your appearance

  3. To the darling Bumby's:

    When you film at the Stella Artois Cafe your glass NEVER gets below half empty!!!

    So nice to meet you all...so very clever! Thanks for watching! - J.R. and Jen